Florida Rehab

Florida Rehab

With so many Florida rehabs to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed trying to select a rehab that is affordable and actually helps people get clean! If you are in South Florida, Spring Gardens Recovery invites you to explore our drug and alcohol rehab from the convenience of your smartphone or whichever device you are using now. Discover all of the amenities and the unique approach Spring Gardens Recovery takes to addiction treatment. Take a virtual tour of our rehab facility via the Home page of this website.

Why We Do Things Differently

Inspired by the dismal failure of drug rehabs nationwide, Spring Gardens Recovery has created a one-of-a-kind drug and alcohol treatment center. Across the country, statistics show no more than 25% of all people who graduate rehab will still sober more than two years after leaving the treatment center. Of course, it’s not solely the fault of the rehabs in question, but with numbers like this, the treatment models must be failing to some degree!

When we opened our Florida rehab, our goal was to beat the odds. We soon realized that using the same outdated and ineffective treatment models that all the other drug and alcohol rehabs use was not going to help us accomplish our goal. With the stats as disturbing as they are, we reasoned that we can’t do any worse than what’s already the norm! Let’s experiment!

Method to Our Madness

Rather than blindly experimenting, we engaged in deep research, examining countless case studies, combining the best of traditional and modern substance abuse treatment. We found that music therapy, sauna therapy, Yoga, guided meditation, and other holistic practices that have been used for years to treat a variety of other conditions and have positive application in addiction treatment. At most rehabs, these kinds of therapy aren’t available. Rehabs that do offer these services are usually considered Luxury Rehabs. At Spring Gardens Recovery’s Florida rehab, these therapies are part of our treatment model.

Our Facilities

We’ve discovered that people stay sober longer and engage more in their own recovery in rehab environments that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery more than they do in rehabs that function like schools or programs. We also found that patients respond better to drug rehabs that are comfortable and homelike opposed to boot camp or dormitory-style rehabs.

SGR is a Great Traditional Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alternative

Taking all of these, and many other factors into account, Spring Gardens Recovery has created a Florida rehab that thinks outside of the box and provides a nice alternative to traditional drug and alcohol rehab. Our patients who have been through other rehabs in the past rave about our treatment center and almost unanimously say that they wish they would have came here first!

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