5 Best Cervical Traction Devices 2021

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5 Best Cervical Traction Devices 2021


You are considering getting a cervical collar for the treatment of your cervical spondylosis. The question you need to ask yourself is, what is the Best Cervical Traction Device? What works best for me? To help you find answers to these questions, we have written an article on “Cervical Collars” which will help you make a more informed decision. It lists many of the best cervical collar brands including Surgaplex, Littmann, and Voluspa.


The Surgaplex Cervical Collar has many benefits over other brands. The first benefit is that it provides immediate relief of neck pain. Unlike other devices the Surgaplex is designed to work in the neck area and so relieving pain in the neck immediately after wearing the cervical collar. Secondly, it provides consistent pressure control throughout the wearing period. This will prevent your cervical collar from becoming ineffective, which is often the case when using traditional collars.


When choosing a cervical collar, you will want one that fits properly. To fit correctly, it should not be too tight nor too loose. Ideally you want the collar to be comfortably tight but still allow your neck to move freely. It is important to note that the Surgaplex is not the only type of cervical traction device available. Other brands provide a similar pressure relief method and may help your overall results. Also, if you continue to experience neck pain to continue to wear the cervical collar, you should consult your doctor to ensure there is no mechanical problem causing your discomfort.


A Surgaplex cervical collar will give you good results as long as you follow the instructions. Each model has a guide book that will teach you how to properly use the cervical collar. There are some differences between Surgaplex models, such as different levels of tension and the amount of pressure used on each side of the neck. Consult your doctor to make sure you are using the model that is right for you.


The Surgaplex is an all natural method of pain relief. This helps you get fast relief from your cervical condition and it is very effective. It may also help reduce swelling or inflammation of the neck. It can also be used for neck pain associated with arthritis and other problems. As previously mentioned, it is very effective in helping you reduce pain and improve mobility.


If you use the Surgaplex for extended periods of time, it may not be the best cervical traction method for you. This is because it can become quite uncomfortable after awhile. However, if you enjoy wearing the cervical collar it could be the ideal method for you. Wearing a cervical collar can also provide pain relief if you are suffering from chronic conditions or arthritis.


Although the Surgaplex may be the best cervical traction device on the market, you should still talk to your doctor about your condition before you wear the device. This is so you will know that it will not cause any additional problems for you. You will want to discuss any medications you may be taking, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. You may also want to tell them about any other treatments you may be on, such as steroids or hormones. Make sure they know about any medications you are currently taking so you can monitor the dosage if you decide to switch.


Overall, you should definitely consider using cervical collars for pain relief. They are effective at relieving pain and improving mobility in your neck area. They are comfortable to wear and don’t require any extra equipment to wear. If you are suffering from chronic conditions or arthritis, you should definitely look into the use of cervical traction devices for reducing pain and increasing your range of motion.

1.  Everyway4all EverTrac CT800 CTD Neck Cervical Traction Device2.   ComforTrac Deluxe Cervical Traction Kit3.  Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device, Large
Everyway4all EverTrac CT800 Neck Cervical Traction Device Home Unit System Made in Taiwan …ComfortTrac Deluxe Home Cervical Traction Kit 2.0 – Includes bonus Carrying Case- Helps relieve pain from neck aches, Cervicalgia, Degeneration of disc, Spondylosis and more!Pronex Portable Pneumatic Cervical Neck Traction Inflatable Collar Device with Wedge/Chiropractic Pain Relief and Relaxation at Home/Spinal Decompression/Supports Natural Curvature of Cervical Spine

5 Best Cervical Traction Devices(Reviews) in 2021

There are many cervical traction devices on the market and women need to know what is the best cervical traction device. This is a very common question and there are a number of different reasons for the popularity of the Cervical Traction Device. It is most commonly used by women to relieve the pain associated with PCOS, which is a disorder in which a woman’s body is not producing enough testosterone. Women that suffer from this can experience discomfort when wearing panties and lingerie. The best cervical traction devices have a variety of different mechanisms and they work very well for the majority of women.


Cervical Collars are devices that slip around on your cervix to tighten it. Women who use these cervical collars may feel some discomfort, but they usually do not have any side effects. Some women have told me that they still get the same results without using the cervical collar. This means that these devices work but women can continue to wear their panties and other garments.


Cervical Spondylosis is another name for PCOS. Women who suffer from this condition experience symptoms such as pelvic pain, fatigue, depression, irregular menstrual periods, moodiness, acne, and low self esteem. Women that have Cervical Spondylosis can also feel the bone in their neck cracking and this is one of the symptoms that you will notice when you start suffering from this disease. Many doctors recommend the use of an oral contraceptive to reduce the pain that you experience during intercourse.


Another device that is used to treat Cervical Spondylosis is called the C-PAP. This is a machine that is placed on your bed. This machine is designed to keep your airways open and therefore it does not require you to wear underwear. The machine works by creating pressure on the pelvic bones and as a result you will notice that you will feel less pain. Although these are the best cervical traction devices available today, it is important that you talk to your doctor before you try any of these options. Your doctor can test you to see which options are right for you.


These are just two devices that are used to treat women who experience vaginal pain. Other women who have Cervical Spondylosis experience back pain as well as pain in the area of the labia minora. This is due to the enlargement of the tissues and nerves that control the lower genitalia. It may be a good idea for you to talk to your doctor if you experience a lot of pain in these areas. There are different ways that these devices can help you and the choice will depend on what your doctor recommends for your specific case.


If you are interested in trying one of these methods to relieve your pain then you may want to consider a cervical collar. A cervical collar fits around the head of your penis and this holds the penis upright. This is one of the most popular devices that you can purchase at the store. These collars are comfortable to wear and they will reduce friction that is caused by clothes rubbing against the genitals. Most of these collars come with extra fabric which can be washed if needed and they are very easy to take off.


Another way that you can find the best cervical traction devices for you is by talking to your doctor. He or she will be able to explain the different devices that are available so that you can make the best decision for your situation. You should also keep in mind that the type of cervical collar that you wear will be determined by your own preferences. Some people prefer the feel of the cloth on their penis, while others prefer the feel of a band around the base of their penis. There are so many different options to choose from and you will be able to find the best cervical collar that suits your needs.


If you are interested in finding the best cervical traction devices then you should look online. There are websites that will help you determine the type of device that you are looking for as well as the cost of each type. You will want to take your time and compare the products that are offered so that you will be able to choose the best products for your needs. If you take your time, you will have no problem finding the right device for you. No matter what your size, you will be able to find a device that fits your needs and your budget.

1.  Everyway4all EverTrac CT800 CTD Neck Cervical Traction Device

Everyway4all EverTrac CT800 Neck Cervical Traction Device Home Unit System Made in Taiwan …

If you want precision, the EverTrac CT800 cervical traction system is a great choice, particularly for doctor-prescribed tractions. It is recommended for headache relief, tight muscles in the spine, nerve roots, and upper back region, neck muscle relaxation, and decompression of muscle structures. It has Direct Cable Technology that can provide up to 50 lb of traction power. This removes the need for air to be pumped to provide traction, as is the case for most other traction products. The most significant benefit of this system is that it provides precise force. Simply adjust the traction knob until it indicates the traction force recommended by your doctor. Finally, FDA approval is a consistency mark that distinguishes this unit from others.

Advantages: There is no air leakage since it does not run on air. By pressing the release button after completing a session, you can easily reset it. It does not need to be plugged in and can be used anywhere.

Drawbacks: There isn’t any foam padding for warmth.



2.  ComforTrac Deluxe Cervical Traction Kit

ComfortTrac Deluxe Home Cervical Traction Kit 2.0 – Includes bonus Carrying Case- Helps relieve pain from neck aches, Cervicalgia, Degeneration of disc, Spondylosis and more!

Thanks to the modifying neck wedges, the Deluxe Cervical Traction Kit by ComfortTrac is built for optimum comfort and an excellent fit. The memory pillow, for example, adapts to the shape of your head and wraps around it comfortably. Adjust the angle to 10 degrees, 15 degrees, and 20 degrees for a variety of convenient neck traction positions. It is possible to raise or decrease traction force by using the hand pump, which has a maximum pound-force of 50 lb. To reduce the required amount of force, simply press the quick-release button. With a weight of just 7 pounds and a carrying case, this neck traction system is easy to transport and store.

Advantages: Simple to use. The ability to adjust the traction force on the fly. The pound and kilogramme units of force are shown on the pump.

Drawbacks: The neck is the only part of the body that needs to be relieved, not the spine. It’s possible to slip on a wood or tiled surface. For stability, a carpet or a mat is needed.


3.  Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device, Large

Pronex Portable Pneumatic Cervical Neck Traction Inflatable Collar Device with Wedge/Chiropractic Pain Relief and Relaxation at Home/Spinal Decompression/Supports Natural Curvature of Cervical Spine

Glacier Cross offers this neck traction unit in three sizes: big for regular men, regular for regular women, and wide for people with wide necks and shoulders. It has outstanding comfort features, such as two foam pillows that properly cushion the neck from the top of the shoulders and the head from the back. It uses air-inflated bellows to gently change up to 35 lb of traction. The patient presses the pump to force air into the bellow, which expands and pushes the patient’s head up to support the cervical curve. Patients control the amount of traction supplied to this system by squeezing and releasing the pump. Finally, the Pronex Pneumatic Traction System features an angle incline of 15 to 22 degrees as well as lateral neck flexion through the integrated flexion wedge.

Advantages:  Simple to use. During the session, the traction force can be adjusted. There is no assembly needed. It’s available in three sizes to accommodate various patient neck sizes. Can be used on a softer surface, such as a bed or a sofa.

Drawbacks: For others, the maximum traction of 35 lb is a little short. Patients with a neck diameter of less than 14 inches are unable to use this device.


4.  Cervical Neck Traction Device 3000

Cervical Neck Traction Device - Neck Collar & Brace - Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief - Stretcher Collar for Travel/Home Improved Spine Alignment(White/Grey)

The most notable feature of Jimugor’s Cervical Neck Traction Device 3000 is that it has a self-rotating switch that allows the user to control how much traction is given for a variety of conditions including headaches, muscle tightness in the neck, neck and upper back pain, and nerve root compression. For optimum comfort, it has a recoil pad located just below the chin and on top of the back. The FDA has approved this neck collar for quality assurance.

Advantages: This is one of the few neck traction systems that can help with both neck and shoulder pain. When in use, the ergonomic shape allows the neck and shoulder muscles to relax.

Drawbacks: Some users can find it unsettling.


5.  DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar 

DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar [13" - 16.5" Neck Circumference] (Pneumatic Air Neck Pain Relief for Pinched Nerves, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Discs, Sciatica, Whiplash, Stenosis, Stiff Neck)

Comfort, mobility, and convenience are at the heart of the DDS MAX cervical traction collar’s design and efficiency. This collar sits upright on your neck and inflates in the same direction when air is pumped into it, thanks to the innovative Vertical Air Pressure (VAP) Technology and its patented traction design. Via its Airtouch device, it tenderly stretches the occipital bone under the chin and the shoulders from below as it fills with air, creating spinal decompression and relieving pressure directly from the nerve roots induced by bulging or degenerated discs. It’s an outstanding rehabilitative aid for balance and mobility problems, and it has a comfortable interior lining for optimum neck comfort. Since it is not restricted to a sitting or lying down position, this collar is ideal for those who need therapy on the go. Other notable features include a scale on the hand pump that shows precise air pressure when pumping and an adjustable velcro closure that ensures a perfect fit for various neck sizes.

Advantages: It’s small and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Helps you regain your posture quickly. Spinal decompression is a quick fix for cervical pain. To keep the neck relaxed, it has a soft inner lining. A gauge is built into the hand pump, displaying the exact air pressure applied to the unit.

Drawbacks: Velcros are the first to wear out and may not be able to hold the system firmly on the neck over time. Where there is a possibility of air pressure leakage, continuous pumping can be needed.


6. WOOLALA Cervical Neck Traction Device

WOOLALA Cervical Neck Traction Device, Chronic Neck Pain Relief Muscle Relax Pillow with Band Neck Curve Correct Home Neck Stretcher

When you have constant neck pain, a herniated disc, upper body soreness, stiff neck, migraines, or arthritis symptoms, use a cervical pillow to relieve neck and shoulder pain in the meantime. A cervical neck traction system can help you relax and unwind. Allow you to feel at ease and unwind.
NECK TRACTION DEVICE WITH INFLATABILITY: Dual air bags stretch and massage the cervical spine upwards, sideways, forwards, and backwards. With an adjustable headband, you will find the ideal fit for your head. To begin the exercise, simply press the pump. After lying down on this neck traction pad, you can feel at ease and relaxed.
THE PERFECT HOUSEHOLD TOOL: It can be used for 15-30 minutes a day to achieve real results such as chronic neck pain relief, cervical muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, and increased flexibility and range of motion. Be more adaptable, stand taller, and appear and feel younger!

NECK HUMP & POSTURE CORRECTOR: By reducing disc bulging and hydrating compressed discs, our neck traction collar forms and restores the appropriate neck curve and corrects forward head, neck, and upper back posture.

FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE: Good for people with chronic neck pain who spend a lot of time on the phone, watching TV, learning, or working. It can also be used for people who have poor sleeping posture, stand or sit with a neck hump. A single unit may be used by the whole family.


7. Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Neck and Shoulder Relaxer, Cervical Traction Device for TMJ Pain Relief and Cervical Spine Alignment, Chiropractic Pillow Neck Stretcher(Blue)

In just ten minutes, you can get rid of neck pain. Simple and reliable physical remedies to relieve sore necks aid in the restoration of proper cervical curvature with regular usage.
A robust, lightweight, and comfortable base is provided by a dense and soft foam design. It cannot be used as a regular pillow all night.

Adapting to this pillow usually takes 1-3 days because your neck requires time to adjust to the new corrector curvature. After you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll find it very relaxing!



8.  Innostretch (2 in 1) – Back stretcher for pain relief with neck stretcher for cervical pain relief 

Innostretch (2 in 1) - Back stretcher for pain relief with neck stretcher for cervical pain relief - Lumbar stretcher for back pain - Orthopedic back and neck stretcher

CERVICAL AND LUMBAR DECOMPRESSION – Neck pain, sciatica pain relief, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, tight kinks and knots, and general back pain relief are all helped by this back and neck stretching system. Simply lie back and relax your spine to allow each vertebrae to fully decompress.
TOTAL SPINE RECOVERY – This Special Edition neck and low back stretcher device includes a lumbar attachment, a neck attachment, and a single base. Lower back stretcher with lumbar spine deck and neck traction system for neck pain relief; You will not believe the relief if you spend only 5 minutes per day on each sector.
3 LEVEL ADJUSTABLE TRACTION SETTINGS – The lower back support and upper cervical traction systems have three levels of adjustment. Each level can assist in improving the curvature of the spine and alleviating lower back pain. You can choose your level of comfort and need with the back arch stretcher and neck stretcher.

Good QUALITY- High-grade material; light weight and long-lasting; solid ABS material that bends well to avoid collapsing under heavier loads; There are instructions included to assist you in bending each spine deck into position. This is the last and only complete spine decompression system you’ll ever need.

STRETCH RECOVERY GUARANTEE – Since we are so confident in the quality and design of Stretch Recovery, we are offering a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. If you are disappointed in any way, we will repair the product, ensuring that this is the last one you will ever need to buy.


9.  KMV Neck Stretcher for Pain Relief 


KMV Neck Stretcher for Pain Relief, Cervical Neck Traction Device with Massage Points for TMJ Relief and Cervical Spine Alignment, Chiropractic Pillow

We have no idea when or whether this item will be available again.
Neck Traction is a pain-relieving device that also serves as a health companion for your neck. Enjoy a pain relief massage every day with this portable and ergonomic massager.
Traction that is Ergonomic Neck Support Pillow: This pillow has a unique convex and concave shape that perfectly suits your neck acupoint. Enjoy a relaxing massage while still relieving the discomfort. Regular usage aids in the restoration of proper cervical curvature.

Cervical traction is a versatile orthotic made entirely of memory foam that is non-toxic and odourless. It provides excellent comfort due to its ideal firmness and softness. Suitable for individuals with straightened or even arched heads, such as long-term workers, the elderly, and others who do not participate in sports. Once or twice a day, at noon and before bedtime, spend 5 to 15 minutes each time.

NOTE: This pillow cannot be used as a regular pillow all night. Since your neck requires time to adjust to the new corrector curvature, it will take 2-3 days to adjust to this pillow.


10.  Cervical Neck Traction Device and Collar Brace by BRANFIT 

Cervical Neck Traction Device and Collar Brace by BRANFIT, Inflatable and Adjustable USA Designed Neck Support & Stretcher is Ideal for Spine Alignment and Chronic Neck Pain Relief

We have no idea when or whether this item will be available again.
Do You Suffer From Pain? We’re here to assist you! – Branfit is committed to delivering high-quality goods that will improve your well-being. Our ever-expanding line of health and personal care products allows us to stand out from the crowd by offering reliable, tried-and-true products that are designed to make your life as pain-free as possible!
Quality You Can Rely On – Our product is of unrivalled quality and design as compared to competing brands. To ensure your comfort and satisfaction, we have thoroughly tested the product. The material is non-itchy and designed in the United States, and it suits all neck sizes. The Velcro strap is extra-wide to suit anyone. Full suede construction is used to make it even more comfortable for you.

Tension is relieved in the nerves when you use the neck pain pillow. It’s soft and compact, and it’ll fit in your suitcase, purse, or backpack. It is easily adjustable, allowing you to manage the amount of stretch for a relaxed back and shoulder stretch. It can also be used to correct posture. Many suffering from back and spinal decompression will benefit from this product as a home therapy.

Product of Superior Quality – This chiropractor pillow does not need any assembly. Our neck hammock comes with step-by-step guidance to ensure you get the most out of it. Using 10-15 minutes twice a day for the first and second weeks. Using as much as you feel comfortable for the third week. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.

Branfit is always looking for ways to better our goods, and your confidence is our top priority. We value your input and are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. Our commitment to excellence makes us an excellent choice for high-quality, long-lasting goods.


11. Comfortrac Cervical Traction Device, Unit Only  

Comfortrac Cervical Traction Device, Unit Only

DRUG-FREE PAIN RELIEF – PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA Degenerative disc disease, cervicalgia, herniated discs, bulging discs, radiculopathies, and a variety of other neck issues may all benefit from this natural pain reliever.
Simple TO USE AND COMFORTABLE – ComforTrac is a proprietary device that features a contouring adjustable neck cradle for a custom fit while providing cervical traction.

IMMEDIATE RESULTS – ComforTrac offers neck decompression for those who have compression of the cervical spine, which may help eliminate discomfort from the first application.


12. Cervical Neck Traction Device for Instant Neck Pain Relief 

Cervical Neck Traction Device for Instant Neck Pain Relief - Inflatable & Adjustable Neck Stretcher Neck Support Brace, Best Neck Traction Pillow for Home Use Neck Decompression

INFLATABLE CERVICAL NECK TRACTION System – Designed to alleviate cervical pain and tension, the Siwei neck traction device offers adjustable support to the cervical spine and can help relieve headaches, stiffness, and dizziness. Furthermore, it can correct poor sitting posture and reduce exhaustion and tension when working. *AROUND THE NECK SIZE: 12″ TO 17″*
NECK TRACTION DEVICE THAT IS ADJUSTABLE AND COMFORTABLE – You can adjust the amount of air in this inflatable neck brace to get the best support, and two Velcro straps let you customise the tightness so it doesn’t choke you or cut your oxygen. The surface is made of a lightweight and breathable flocking fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear.
LIGHTWEIGHT NECK DECOMPRESSION COLLAR – When you go out, the neck relaxer can be quickly deflated and stuffed into your pocket or suitcase. You can stretch your neck almost anywhere to relieve pain, and there’s no assembly needed. Simply relax and enjoy the warmth and convenience that our neck decompressor provides.

NECK EXTENDER RECOMMENDED BY CHIROPRACTORS – The neck inflatable stretcher is made of high-quality materials and can easily provide spine alignment as well as chronic neck pain relief. You can relieve nerve pain at home with this simple neck traction pillow and avoid unwanted visits to the physical therapist when you’re feeling better.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED NECK RELIEF DEVICE – If there are any problems that cause you to be dissatisfied, we will buy it back from you without doubt. If you have any questions about the product or how to use it, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.



13.   Saunders Cervical Home Traction Unit Saunders Cervical Home Traction Unit

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The protection pole is built to match flat ceilings ranging from 8.8 to 10 feet, making it easier to stand and sit on the sofa, bed, or when crossing the bathtub. Note that if the ceiling height is less than 8.8 feet, this will not work.
VERSATILE SAFETY POLE: Can be used as a bathroom grab bar, a couch and chair standing support stick, a bedside grab bar, or a wheelchair transfer pole for disabled elderly seniors.
POLE WITH A Convenient HANDLE FOR HANDICAP: Anti-skidding substance makes it non-slip even when wet. It’s safe to use and easy to hold in your hands. Supports up to 300 pounds of weight safely.

Bathroom Safety Grab Bar is made of high-grade aluminium with a pearly lustre that is sturdy, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. Rubber rings on the top and bottom of the pole protect the pole from damage by keeping it in position between the floor and the ceiling.

REMOVABLE & DURABLE: Each floor to ceiling pole comes with all of the necessary tools for installation and can be disassembled and reinstalled. It can be used in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and other areas. There are no wall mounts required; simply thread the mobility pole together.



14. Cervical Neck Traction Device with 3 Power Traction + Airbag Support 

Cervical Neck Traction Device with 3 Power Traction + Airbag Support

We have no idea when or whether this item will be available again.
Promo: 20% off for the first 24 hours of each week. Traditional cervical traction care consists of traction in a hospital using a traction bed or a sling, which costs a lot of money and puts us in a lot of discomfort during treatment. makemate three-power neck traction system with airbag support, new generation Not only does it provide front, back, and arc traction with 8 built-in air columns, but it also allows you to stretch comfortably when watching TV at home, doing housework, or at the office.
2: How it Works Compared to Traditional Cervical Traction The intervertebral space is opened by a 20-degree upward arc thrust, and the protruding and compressing intervertebral disc returns to its original location, relieving the compression. This is the polar opposite of the curvature of the cervical spine, as opposed to the conventional reverse or straight traction. Note: This product is not intended for massage.

Simple to Operate + Fair After-Use Effect: Before you buy it, take a measurement of your neck. Height ranges from 3.2 to 4.7 inches, with a 13.7 to 18.5-inch neck circumference. It can be operated by a single individual in just four stages. The airbag’s limited pressure nature prevents it from bursting, ensuring your safety. For a period of time, use it for 15-30 minutes a day to alleviate nerve compression and cervical discomfort, dizziness, limb fatigue, hand numbness, and nausea.

Cervical Symptoms to Look Out For: (Note: Not for massage.) 2. Cervical disc herniation, bulging, and prolapse (due to inappropriate posture, poor sleeping position, improper working posture, and improper physical exercise). Neck and back pain, upper limb fatigue, finger numbness, and lower limb weakness are some of the symptoms. 3. Postoperative fixation and recovery, which excludes the use of the traction function.

Comfortable Design + Breathable Material: The ergonomic V-shaped design enhances the cervical spine’s physiological curvature, making it more comfortable to wear. The PET fabric is breathable and perspiration-resistant, making it waterproof and ideal for long-term use. NOTE: Point 13 is the back image of the pump, not a separate component. To pump it up, you must precisely aim the pump port.



Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Cervical Traction Devices?


There are many factors to consider while choosing the best cervical spinal traction device. The person must keep in mind the health of the patient as well as the kind of traction used. Some important considerations are the size of the spinal stenosis and the patient’s general health. Each patient must be examined thoroughly to determine the right therapy.


A thorough medical examination is very important. The physician needs to examine the health of the patient and their condition. They may also request for x-rays to determine the depth of the stenosis. The doctor may also order tests to determine the progress of the disease.


Other factors to consider while choosing the right device include the size of the spinal cane. When it comes to the size, patients will be advised to choose products that are not too large. The width of the cervical collar may also affect the choice. When it comes to the length, a longer piece is recommended to avoid discomfort.


The next factor to consider while choosing the best cervical spinal traction is the level of comfort provided by the machine. A quality traction unit must be comfortable for the patient to use. Factors to consider when buying a compression device are the comfort provided by the cylinder, portability, ease of maintenance and warranty.


A good portability factor is necessary when it comes to the portable cylinder. It is always important to choose a device that is easy to carry from one place to another. The portability of the product is especially significant for the pregnant women. Factors to consider when purchasing a portable cervical collar are portability, the durability of the cylinder and the quality of the product.


It is very important for the wearer to ensure the comfort of the product when wearing them. There are various factors to consider while choosing the best cervical spinal traction available in the market today. These factors include the size of the equipment, the price, the portability of the product and the warranty offered on the product. Factors to consider while choosing the best cervical spinal traction include the size of the device, the price, portability of the product and the quality of the product. If the size of the product is below one-fourth of the height of the wearer, then the device may not be safe for use.


A cervical spinal brace is used to decompress the spine, reduce inflammation and the pain. Factors to consider while choosing the best cervical spinal traction are the strength of the tension, the support offered by the device, the comfort provided by the device and the durability of the product. The strength of the tension should be such that it should not give way under pressure while wearing the cervical spinal brace. The support offered by the device should be such that it does not change the position of the neck. This can only be achieved if the durability of the product is good. Cervical spinal brace also offer a good warranty, so long as the conditions and the performance of the product are not found to be unsatisfactory after the warranty period.


Some companies provide extended warranties on their products. The manufacturers assure that the devices will perform to the best of their ability. The extended warranty may cover manufacturing defects and also may include coverage for the consumer’s labor and repair expenses related to the defective cervical spinal traction. The price factor is generally dependent on the features offered in the product. Factors to consider when choosing the best cervical spinal traction include the price, the durability of the product, the portability of the product and the quality of the product.

Why Should You Choose A Best Best Cervical Traction Devices?


Why should you choose the best cervical bracelets? If you are a woman suffering from cervical spondylosis, this will be the right article for you. This is because we will discuss the preventive measures and the medical treatments for your neck pain. By reading this article, you will know why should you choose cervical braces for your spasticity.


Why should you choose the best cervical collar for your cervical spasticity? This is because this device will help you keep your neck pain free. It will give you enough support for your neck. In fact, it will also provide a better posture for you. This is the reason why many people consider wearing this for the treatment of their spasticity.


Moreover, wearing the best cervical braces can make you feel more comfortable. As a matter of fact, many people who have worn these bracelets report that they are now more comfortable than before. This is the reason why many people recommend wearing the best cervical bracelets to reduce your daily stress and improve your health. In addition, it will also reduce your neck pain.


The main advantage of wearing these bracelets is that you will be able to move your neck easily. You will also be able to do your daily tasks without experiencing any neck pains. In fact, you will be able to do your daily activities while preventing your neck from stiffening up. It is very effective especially if you wear this while sleeping.


Why should you choose the best cervical collar? First, it will help you maintain a good posture. Second, this device can prevent your neck from stiffening up. Third, it can also reduce any pain that you experience in your neck. Fourth, it is very beneficial for people who complain of any neck problems.


Why should you wear cervical braces? If you want to look beautiful, you should wear one. Cervical bracelets are very fashionable nowadays so you can choose to wear it at work or at school the way you like it. You can also choose to choose from various colors such as pink, black and silver.


Why should you choose the best cervical collar when you want to prevent cervical cancer? First, wearing this device will support your neck by giving it additional strength. Second, it will protect your cervical bones from any pressure caused by your cervical plates. Third, wearing this device will reduce any pain that you experience in your neck. Fourth, it can also support your neck while sitting, walking and exercising.


Why should you choose the best cervical collar when you want to look beautiful? First, it supports your neck by providing additional strength. Second, it prevents the cervical bones from getting damaged. Third, it supports your neck while walking, exercising and sitting. Fourth, it provides added protection to your cervical bones against pressure.


Why should you choose the best cervical bracelets when you want to stay fit? First, it helps in keeping your body weight on the pelvis which prevents it from developing diseases such as osteoporosis. Second, it keeps your ribs from sagging. Third, wearing it can keep the pressure off your kidneys, stomach, liver, spleen and pancreas.


Why should you wear it when you want to look beautiful? First, it helps in reducing any facial wrinkles you have. Second, it can improve the circulation of your blood by keeping your facial veins free of obstructions. Third, it can keep your facial skin healthy by preventing the appearance of freckles and age spots. Fourth, it can keep your eyes away from infections by keeping your eyelids open properly.


Why should you choose the best cervical bracelets when you want to stay healthy? First, it helps you in losing weight because you tend to expend more calories when you are wearing it. Second, it can prevent cervical cancer. Third, it can prevent the development of cysts, tumors and adhesions. Fourth, it can provide support to your bones and joints.


Why should you choose the best cervical bracelets when you want to look beautiful? First, it keeps your ribs and pelvis free of any obstructions. Second, it can improve your blood circulation. Third, it can prevent the development of cysts, tumors and adhesions. Fourth, it can provide support to your bones and joints. And fifth, it can keep your eyes away from infections and other complications.

What’s You Best Cervical Traction Devices Choice?


Finding out what’s you best cervical traction device choice is important in order to get the most benefit for your back pain treatment. If you have already been diagnosed with lower back pain, then you are already on the right track to healing. The most common form of treatment for lower back pain involves taking a drug called NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. One of the most popular forms of these drugs is called Flexaid. Flexaid is known for being a great way to relieve the pain from your lower back.


What makes Flexaid so effective? Basically, it provides relief from the pain by working on the inflammation in your body. NSAID’s work by stopping the flow of chemicals in your blood. This allows you to reduce inflammation, which in turn will make it easier for you to heal. Also, NSAIDs are able to prevent other painful symptoms such as diarrhea and nausea from occurring.


So why does NSAID’s provide the best cervical traction treatment? The reason that Flexaid works well is because it works by constricting the blood vessels in the surrounding area, which in turn allows more pressure to be put on your discs. Once your blood pressure is constricted, then this pressure can no longer push on your nerve roots and muscles. This lessened pressure will allow your discs to heal faster and get back to their normal shape and size.


If you take Flexaid you will notice the immediate relief from the discomfort you were suffering. However, you have to take this medication long enough for it to work. Sometimes you may be taking it for days and only feel relief for a few hours. Don’t get discouraged by this and keep trying.


Another great thing about using a cervical traction device is the results it can provide for the relief of your lower back pain. The first month or two you will most likely feel some discomfort. It’s completely normal during this time. But after this first month, you will most likely experience a considerable amount of improvement in your back pain. You will definitely notice a reduction afterward.


There are several other benefits of using a Cervical traction device. For example, you won’t have to deal with any side effects like you would from taking an NSAID. You won’t be loading up on vitamins and other medications that may interfere with your treatment. There is also no need for a prescription. Of course, you will still need to continue to use the device long after your symptoms are gone. Just make sure not to skip sessions completely.


What’s you best cervical traction option? If you want the fastest relief possible, the Flexaid is the choice for you. Plus, it’s cheap and easily purchased at your local drugstore. However, if you want to continue treating your condition naturally and safely, the Provent devices are recommended.


As you can see, there are many different ways to reduce or eliminate your back pain. You should always talk to your doctor about these various options before making your final selection. So, what’s you best cervical traction option?


Many doctors will recommend Provent for back pain sufferers, because it’s a non-invasive procedure. The doctor straps the patient in a chair and applies very gentle pressure through small incisions. Because it’s such a safe procedure, patients can return to work and other normal activities immediately following the procedure. Provent isn’t the best cervical collar, however.


A more recently manufactured model that’s quickly becoming popular is the Flexaid. Unlike Provent, Flexaid is made from a medical grade silicone material. In addition to the ring that fits around your neck, this brace has many different massage features. It has special foam for deep tissue massage, heat for relief of cold muscles, and even sensors for measuring your heart rate. Flexaid is one of the best cervical collars currently on the market.


So, what’s you best cervical traction option? You can always try something new but don’t forget about the traditional methods you’ve used in the past. If you’re still suffering from back pain, don’t give up. Try a new approach.


Even if you decide to switch back to using a traditional back brace, you’ll still be doing yourself some good. You won’t be spending countless hours in a doctor’s office or hospital. You’ll also be able to get back to enjoying your life again. Don’t let back pain get the best of you.

FAQs on Best Cervical Traction Devices?


FAQs on Best Cervical Traction Devices abound. Almost as many individuals are seeking relief from lower back pain as they are to relieve neck pain. Both conditions are painful and debilitating. In addition to providing relief for a myriad of symptoms, these devices allow individuals to regain their self-confidence as well. There is no question that these two medical conditions are very complicated and deserve the best attention in treatment available.


The simple answer to the FAQs on Best Cervical Traction Devices is – several different devices, which are each designed to target specific muscles or nerve ends within the body. This is similar to performing physical therapy for an individual muscle group or nerve end. However, many of these devices are becoming more sophisticated every year. While some of these devices may be placed on the outside of the body such as in the neck, the most popular types are placed on the inside of the body.


Cervical traction devices are designed to reattach a patient’s ligaments and joints to prevent or lessen a recurrence of the problem. While this type of therapy is considered a long-term solution, it is a solution that can provide immediate symptom relief by allowing for improved movement. These devices allow the individual affected to once again function with some level of mobility, but without extensive restriction.


In terms of the FAQs on Best Cervical Traction Devices – what should you look for? This is a very common question that many people ask. If you are seeking treatment for your pain, then you are obviously in need of relief. Unfortunately, not all providers offer the same quality of treatment. What you will want to do is find one provider that offers both a low cost and a high quality of care. It is best to find a provider who has a high success rate and a track record of excellent results.


Why do I have to pay for my own device? Typically, when you go to a medical professional, you will be required to make an initial appointment. During this appointment, they will ask you a series of questions about your condition and current situation. From there, you will have the opportunity to choose a treatment option. You can either make a payment for the device or you can get a credit card or health insurance card. If you have insurance, it is always helpful to ask for a referral to a reputable and insured provider.


Can someone just walk into my doctor’s office and have a device installed? The fact of the matter is, you cannot just walk into your doctor’s office and ask for a device. Your primary physician should be able to direct you to a device that is right for you, but sometimes situations arise where you must seek outside of the traditional medical environment.


Are there side effects associated with this treatment? There are generally no side effects associated with Cervical Spinal Decompression (CDS). However, if you experience discomfort while wearing the device, or you notice that you need to use a specific, more expensive type of device, it may be recommended by your physician to contact your insurance provider for more information. Also, you should always ask your caregiver how the procedure is performed before and after the treatment is completed.


Will anyone who has tried this procedure become pregnant? It is possible to become pregnant with the best cervical traction, but this is uncommon. It is also important to note that there are different types of Cervical Spinal Decompression that can also help women conceive.


Q1. Do neck traction devices really work?

Mechanical traction was found to be helpful in treating people with pinched nerves and neck pain in a 2014 report. Exercise alone or in combination with over-door traction was less efficient than mechanical traction.

Q2. How long should you use a neck traction device?

Each session lasts about 15 to 20 minutes.
In general, each session of over-the-door traction should last around 15 to 20 minutes1. You can do multiple sessions in a single day. If the discomfort worsens when you’re using the over-the-door traction system, you can pause and talk to your physical therapist or doctor..

Q3. What pillow do chiropractors recommend?

Water Pillow by Mediflow
The Mediflow Water Pillow is the best chiropractic pillow because of its supportive waterbase heart. Regardless of the sleeping position you select, the waterbase’s positioning allows for equally distributed head and neck support.

Q4. How should you sleep to avoid neck pain?

If you’re suffering from neck pain, sleeping on your back or side is the safest option. Both of these positions are less taxing on your back than lying on your stomach. Since your favourite sleeping position is always decided early in life, changing it can be difficult.