9 Best Toilet Seat Risers

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 9 Best Toilet Seat Risers 


For anyone who uses an elongated toilet, best toilet seat risers are a must-have accessory. When purchasing these kinds of products for your elongated toilets, it’s important to make sure that you purchase the one that best fits your elongated toilet. Because everyone’s elongated toilets vary in shape and size, it’s important to know what type you have before you go out to shop. It’s best to read user reviews on elongated toilet seat risers before you buy one.


Toilet seat risers are very popular with homeowners with wide round handicap baths. These kinds of products make taking a shower easier for people with disabilities because they allow the person to sit down in the tub or shower without having to climb over a high level. When shopping for these kinds of products, it’s best to look for one that fits your tub and your round handicap bath. Some of the best toilet seat risers are ones that are adjustable. These can help you find the right height to fit your bedside commode or your shower chair.


If you’re looking for a way to lower your water bill, consider purchasing one of the best toilet seat risers for a raised commode or shower chair. The reason that these products are best is because they allow you to sit on the toilet itself. These products usually have attachments for raised commodes and raised toilet seats. In general, these products can be used by people who are up to 300 pounds. These types of toilet seats and commodes work best if they are made of heavy duty plastic.


Elderly and disabled loved ones who own home gyms are probably familiar with these products. If you have an elderly loved one or someone who has mobility issues, it’s important to consider toilet chairs and commodes that are specifically designed to support the needs of the disabled or elderly loved one. There are different options for these products ranging from folding to permanent. It’s important that you take a look at the different options so that you get the best toilet seats and commodes for your needs.


If you have to set up a ramp or get a wheelchair onto a lift, you’ll need a sturdy seat that fits the height requirement. The height requirements range from eight to ten inches. People who are up to 350 pounds can use these toilet bowls and commodes. Before you purchase any wheelchair lifts, however, it’s a good idea to check the strength of the chair that will be used with the toilet bowls.


The toilet seat riser comes in different heights so you can choose the right height that meets the needs of your disabled loved one. There are models that range from ten inches to seventeen inches. You also get a choice between a raised toilet seat riser and one that’s flat. If you want to install a ramp and have someone to assist you, a flat model makes sense.


The reason a flat option is the best is that you don’t have to add extra steps to set up a ramp. With a raised toilet seat risers, you need to put the toilet bowl down first and then get on the ramps and then sit on top of the bowl. It’s a lot of work and it means that your elderly loved one will likely not want to do it will be a challenge for them to get back into the wheelchair. Some people may even fall off if they can’t get back into the wheelchair. With a flat model, it means you can easily put the bowl down and move around without having to deal with those steps.


Finally, you should look for a riser that has strong bolts and an easy to open cover. Strong bolts are important because you don’t want to be worrying about the cover falling off or the strength of the cover being too much for the plastic. That means that you should look for riser that uses long bolts and an easy to open cover. Another thing to look for is the size of the lift itself. Some models are made with elongated bottoms so they can fit through the smallest of openings.


 9 Best Toilet Seat Risers (Reviews) in 2021

The search for the best toilet seat escalator continues, as technology has improved significantly over the last few decades. However, there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed when purchasing these products. For example, should you consider one of the new models with an integrated hand rail? Or is it simply more convenient to purchase a product that does not include one? The answer to those questions will determine which model will meet your needs the best.


For many parents, they will look at the height and width of the toilet seats and consider whether they will fit their child. This is a common concern. While most of the latest models can seat children who are up to the age of nine or ten, it may still be easier for smaller children to travel with a stroller and be able to sit on the seat properly. If you are still having this concern, then the best toilet seat escalators may just be the foldable model that you can purchase with a separate base.


Many of the modern toilet seat escalators fold flat on their sides to make them easier to move from one floor to another. You also do not have to worry about crumpled seats. Of course, you have to consider the comfort of the seats, but they will not collapse in on themselves. This is a common concern among parents. However, you can purchase models that are made of more durable materials and yet are foldable.


In order to find the best toilet seat escalators on the market, you also have to take a look at the features that each model offers. For example, is the handrail going to be included? Are you going to be able to purchase a storage compartment as well? How easy is it to find the handle? What safety features do the toilet seats have?


If you have young children who might spend time climbing up and down the toilet seat, you should make sure that the models you buy include a child seat. There are several features on the newer models that make them safer for small children. The seat will be padded and will not be tipped over.


You also have to make sure that the toilet seat escalator you buy can be lowered to a level that is suitable for adults to use. The manufacturers all recommend a minimum height of 16 inches. Make sure that you have enough legroom as well. Some models come with an additional tray. Check out this feature before you buy if you like to feed food to your pets.


Another important feature is the lifting mechanism. Some toilet seat escalators are powered by electricity. Others are motorized by mechanical means. Before you decide on which type to purchase, check out each model’s lifting mechanism. You should be able to operate the model easily and safely.


There are many other toilet seat escalators in the market. You just have to look for models that offer you the functionality you need. This will help you choose the model that will last long and that will save you money.


You might want to have a model that lifts only partially. This kind of machine is ideal for disabled individuals. You should check the door’s opening. If it is a folding door, you should check its safety locks. These locks can prevent accidental operation. They can break if the door accidentally gets opened.


The opening of the toilet seat should be wide enough for a person to pass through easily. It must also be wide enough so you do not have to hold onto the handrail tightly. Some models do not have door mirrors. If this is the case, you should invest in a model with a door mirror.


If you are looking for models that have a capacity for more than one person, you should opt for the ones with capacity for more than one person and a wheel chair lift. However, you should check out the rules and regulations for the area where you intend to install the toilet seat. Installation of a toilet seat in an area which is considered dangerous by local authorities may lead to legal action. In such cases, you can hire a local contractor. Do not install the toilet seat until you have carefully checked its installation conditions. It would be better to consult your community council or the manufacturer before doing so.


1. Essential Medical Supply Standa Essential Medical Supply Toilet Seat Riser, Standard, 17.25 x 13.5 x 3.5 Inch


The seat can be easily mounted under your existing toilet seat with the given long screws, giving you the height you want when using your own toilet seat. It’s also made to match a traditional toilet bowl and gives the user a 3.5-inch elevation.



2. VIVE Deluxe Locking Raised Toilet Seat Portable Elevated Commode Seat Riser

Vive Raised Toilet Seat - 5" Portable, Elevated Riser with Padded Handles - Elongated and Standard Fit Commode Lifter - Bathroom Safety Extender Assists Disabled, Elderly, Seniors, Handicapped (1)

This portable elevated seat riser is made to offer comfort and convenience to its users. The extra-thick toilet seat elevates the user by 5 inches, making it easier for them to get on and off the toilet. The product has a sturdy moulded plastic frame that provides extra stability and protection for its users, in addition to its lightweight property.


3. Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Arms

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms, Standard Seat, White

This extra thick toilet seat adds 3.5 inches to your toilet seat, reducing the amount of bending needed to sit and get up. This is intended especially for those who have difficulty sitting down and getting up from the toilet. It comes with a detachable and padded armrest that can be quickly released using a simple push button.


4. Drive Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Sea with Removable Padded Arms

Drive Medical RTL12027RA Elevated Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms, Standard Seat

Due to joint pains and reduced mobility, this toilet seat riser with arms is expertly built for people who have trouble sitting and standing up. This innovation provides users with a solution, protection, and safety.

The locking mechanism has been engineered to fit securely on almost any toilet and to be easy to use.


5. NOVA Elongated Raised Toilet Seat

NOVA Medical Products Toilet Seat Riser, Raised Toilet Seat, White, 1 Count

This elongated elevated toilet seat adds 3.5 inches to the height of the toilet bowl, making it easier for those who have trouble sitting down and standing up. For added protection and stability, the seat is bolted directly to the toilet. It can also support up to 300 pounds of weight. The product was created in such a way that the original seat and lid could be used.


6. Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles for Standard Round Toilets 

Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms - For Round Toilets - Elevated Toilet Riser with Removable Padded Handles, Easy On and Off, Support 250 lbs

This elevated toilet seat elevates the user by 3.5 inches, making it easier for them to sit and stand up from the toilet. Stability, protection, and comfort are also provided by the seat.


7. Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles for Elongated Toilets

Carex Health Brands 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms - For Elongated Toilets, Elevated Toilet Riser with Removable Padded Handles, Easy On and Off, Support 250 lbs, White

The current toilet seat is elevated by 3.5 inches with this elongated raised toilet seat. For its consumers, the product promotes protection, comfort, and additional stability. Not only that, but it also has easy-to-clean, durable padded handles that make it easier for users to use the bathroom.



8. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms 

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Padded Arms, Elongated, 19 x 14 x 3.5 Inch

This toilet seat comes with hardware and installation manuals, making it simple to instal under your existing toilet seat. It has weapons that can be removed. These arms have handles that make it much easier for users to get on and off the toilet.


9.  Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Extra Wide Seating Surface


SP Ableware - 9155 Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Extra Wide Seating Surface and Legs (725881000), White

This toilet seat with legs is raised to prevent the seat from slipping around. The aluminium legs can be adjusted to match the height of your toilet. The product has a 400-pound weight range.



10. Sammons Preston-24243 Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat

Sammons Preston-24243 Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat, 2" High Elevated Toilet Seat Locks Onto Standard Toilets, Portable Assistance Commode Seat with Sturdy Brackets, Medical Aid for Elderly, Disabled, Limited Mobility - White

Crafted for you and depended on by occupational and physical therapists for independent everyday living, the Homecraft brand is a trusted name for millions of people around the world. Homecraft is a national leader in providing daily living assistance to patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as customers at home. Homecraft provides a variety of easy and functional aids for daily tasks such as dining, dressing, bathing, and toileting. The Homecraft brand will assist you in adjusting to your surroundings and will make it easier for you to feed, prepare meals, bathe, shower, dress, fulfil hygiene requirements, handle prescriptions, and much more. Using our full range of items, you will reclaim your freedom, regardless of your capacity or lifestyle.


11. Drive Medical Premium Plastic Raised Toilet Seat with Lock

Drive Medical Premium Plastic Raised Toilet Seat with Lock and Padded Armrests, Elongated

Drive Medical’s Premium Elevated Toilet Seat with Lock suits most elongated toilets. The lock ensures a close fit, increasing protection and providing a sense of security. The front and back openings are both wide, allowing for worry-free personal hygiene. Individuals who need assistance sitting down or standing up from the toilet will benefit from the elevated seat and padded arms. Tool-free interchangeable arms make it convenient for wheelchair users to move to and from the elevated toilet seat.



12.PCP 2-Inch Raised Standard Toilet Seat 

PCP 2-Inch Raised Standard Toilet Seat, Increase Height Over Commode, Low Profile Elevated, Includes Lid, Tightening Stability Safety Clamps

The Personal Care Products 7022 Low Profile Raised Toilet Seat with Lid is ideal for those recovering from hip surgery or having difficulty standing from a seated position. Installation does not necessitate the use of any equipment. Personal Care Products toilet protection frame is recommended for use. 2 inch seat height (5.1 cm) 14-inch seat width (35.6 cm) 16-inch seat width (40.6 cm) Weight of the product: 3 lb 2 oz (1.4 kg) 300 pound weight capacity (135.9 kg) Bath protection, rehabilitation, post-injury, reduced mobility, and daily living aids are all things to consider.


13. PCP Universal Fit 3 Inch Elevated Toilet Seat, Low Profile Rise Height Lift PCP Universal Fit 3 Inch Elevated Toilet Seat, Low Profile Rise Height Lift, Tightening Stability Lock, Portable Bath Safety Commode Support, White

The Personal Care Products 7020 Low Profile Raised Toilet Seat is ideal for those recovering from hip surgery or having difficulty getting up from a seated position. Installation does not necessitate the use of any equipment. Most regular and elongated toilet bowls are compatible. 5″ seat height (12.7 cm) 15″ seat width (38.1 cm). 16 1/2″ seat depth (41.9 cm). 300 pound weight capacity Bath protection, rehabilitation, post-injury, reduced mobility, and daily living aids are all things to consider.



14.NOVA Medical Products Elevated Raised Toilet Seat with Removable


NOVA Medical Products Elevated Raised Toilet Seat with Removable, Adjustable Padded Arms, 20†Width Between Arms, Locking, Easy On and Off for Standard and Elongated Toilets, White, 1 Count

For Standard and Elongated Toilets, NOVA Elevated Raised Toilet Seat with Removable, Adjustable Padded Arms, 20†Width Between Arms, Locking, Easy On and Off. For proper installation of this seat, the inner rim of the toilet bowl must not exceed 14 inches.



Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Toilet Seat Risers?


There are many factors to consider while choosing the best toilet seat raisers. First of all you need to take into consideration your budget and what type of seat raiser is going to suit your needs. There are many types of toilet seat raisers available in the market. Let’s take a look at a few of these categories.


These are the cheapest available seats. It is very difficult to find good quality seats for very cheap. The problem with these cheap ones is that they will not last long and will get damaged within a short period of time. If you are planning on re-selling the toilet, be sure to get a good quality seat from a reputed manufacturer. You can always shop online to get the best options available.


Seat raisers are not only used for toilet seats. These are also widely used for counter tops, kitchen counters, TV cabinets, mantelpieces and more. There are many materials available for these raisers. Wood, plastic, wrought iron and even metal are commonly used. Let’s take a closer look at each of these materials and see how they fare against each other.


Wood is the oldest and the most popular material. However it does have a couple of disadvantages. First of all wood is very heavy. If you use heavy materials for your toilet seat, you may find it hard to move them around. Also if the wood starts rotting, it will be much harder to repair. You can try looking at getting plastic ones instead of wooden ones.


Plastic and wrought iron are made of lighter weight materials. If you are not concerned about the weight, you can go with these materials. Another disadvantage of these materials is that they are easily breakable. You might have an accident and accidentally break it. You don’t want this to happen while you are in a critical situation.


Wooden ones are nice to look at but can get very expensive. They also look good but you will have a hard time maintaining them and cleaning them as well. You can also expect them to rot faster. This means you will have to replace the toilet seat more often. You may have to do this yourself or hire someone to do it.


On the other hand, plastic and Wrought Iron are very lightweight. The only drawback of having them is that it will deteriorate more quickly than wood. Also you don’t have to worry about its color fading. It can easily be painted over.


All in all, you need to think carefully about these factors to consider while choosing the best toilet seat raisers. Take into consideration your needs, your budget and most importantly, the durability of the seat. You can use all these factors to decide which one will work for you. Just take a look around the web and see for yourself what other people are saying about these seat cushions.


When you have already chosen the toilet seat raisers that you want, the next thing that you have to do is to buy them. This is a decision that you should never rush. Try to shop around first and then narrow down your choices. This way, you won’t regret any of your decisions.


You may be tempted to get the cheapest one that you find. However, you should not be so hasty and look for a better one only because you found it at the cheapest price. Make sure you consider factors like the quality and the price.


Check if the seats are adjustable so that you can adjust it to fit the height of your kid. If you opt to get an adjustable one, make sure that it will also come with an instruction manual so that you can have a clear understanding on how to use it. Another consideration is about the wheels. If you opt for a fixed wheel, make sure that the one you will buy can be adjusted easily.


When looking for the best toilet seat raisers, make sure that you consider safety features. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice comfort just to ensure your child’s safety. The two main safety features that should be present on the seat are the safety belts and the harness. Look for a seat that has a buckle or a strap attached to it. This will help you secure your child’s seat firmly to the floor.

Why Should You Choose A Best Toilet Seat Risers?


Why should you choose a best toilet seat height recliner? With this product, you can relax and enjoy your time in the bathroom. These can help you avoid slouching and you can make your body recline while using it. It has a high backrest and an adjustable armrest. The whole unit is very easy to clean and durable. Here are some reasons why should you choose a best toilet seat height recliner.


You Can Relax After Using The Bathroom The best one for you depends on your lifestyle. If you spend more time in the bathroom and need to stay in one position for a long time, then the recliner will be perfect for you. It will also allow you to reach every part of the bathroom without stooping. Some people also love sitting on one of these chairs when they watch television or read. You can also use it if you are working in the computer.


Ergonomic Chairs Are Comfortable Most people prefer this type of toilet seats because of its great comfort. With this chair, you do not have to bend your body so much just to get in and out of the chair. It is designed to give you maximum comfort and support that you need. It also has a high backrest that will keep your spine straight.


It Is Easy To Use The best to toilet seat height recliner is very easy to use. It has a manual mechanism that you can operate by yourself. This chair is very convenient to use and most people prefer it. You do not have to strain your body so much in order to sit on it.


It Has A Number Of Functions – It has a number of features. One of which is a footrest. It is also equipped with a seat cushion that will reduce your pressure points. This chair also folds easily and can be stored in your office.


It Is Economical Recliners are not that expensive. This is why most people choose to buy this chair instead of spending money for other types of furniture. It is cheaper than other recliners. Furthermore, it is made from plastic which is very durable and can withstand the water from the toilet.


The Best Toilet Seat Height Recliner – This is the type of chair that you need. It comes with all the features that you need. It has a good design, comfortable seating, and convenient storage. Plus, it is easy to clean and maintain.


Therefore, you must be sure when you are going to choose the best to toilet seat height recliner. Your choices should be safe and practical. This way, you will get the best comfort. You must be comfortable while using this chair. So, you have to make sure that the one you are going to choose can give the best comfort.


This is the most common problem of those who do not want to use recliners. They do not know how to correctly choose the chairs. They are afraid that they might spend more money if they use low quality and expensive toilet seats. Well, this is just a misconception. Low-priced and cheap chairs are just like low quality materials. However, there are high-quality but less expensive toilet units that can give you comfort.


When choosing a chair, it is also important for you to take into consideration the height of the chair. In choosing a chair, you have to choose one that is perfect for your height. If you have a short torso, look for the taller chairs. If you have a large chest, then choose a chair with wider space so that you can put your back and your feet in order to relieve yourself properly.


You may also consider purchasing a chair that has additional features. However, you have to look for chairs that have the functions of two or more functions. For example, if you will need to clean up after toileting, then choose a chair with detachable seat and detachable arm. This kind of chair is suitable to any family with 2 members.


The last thing that you should consider is about the color and style. When purchasing a chair, it is always best to go for something neutral. Avoid colors and patterns which will cause discomfort when used. Avoid bathroom designs which have bright colors and loud prints. Instead, stick to white, black, gray and green for your bathroom design.

What’s Your Best Toilet Seat Risers Choice?


If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to have to sit on the toilet after using it, then it is time that you looked into what’s your best toilets seat risers. Having a good back means a lot more than just making sure that you don’t end up hurting yourself. It also means being able to avoid the pain in your bottom and the problems that come with it. You also don’t want to end up spending hours in pain just because you made the wrong choice.


There are several things that you need to look for when you buy the best toilet seats. Of course the first one is comfort. After all, that is going to be the biggest reason why you got the product in the first place. After you get one that is comfortable it will be easier to use and you won’t be putting in as much effort. You also don’t have to worry about any of that unnecessary movement when you are trying to use the bathroom.


One of the most important things that you should look for is a high quality design. There is nothing worse than getting your hopes up only to be let down by something that doesn’t live up to your own expectations. There are some toilets that are very sleek and others that have very distinct shapes. When you are looking for the best toilets seat risers you should make sure that you get one that is not only designed well but that will also fit the way that you want it to.


If you have an odd shaped or big problem area then you might have to get something special. This could include designs and materials that would fit properly where you need them. The last thing that you want to do is go out and spend money on other toilet accessories that you aren’t going to use. Here’s why so.


Even if you pick the best toilet and it still doesn’t work the way that you want it to you can always get a new one made. In fact, most places that sell the toilets will also sell replacements. This isn’t something that you are going to want to avoid. The last thing that you want is to run out of money because you were too lazy to get a new one. The good news is that you can find great deals on toilets seat risers.


You first need to do some research into what you are looking for. Most people just jump right in and buy whatever they see. This isn’t necessarily a good idea. Instead you want to figure out what you want and need first. Once you know what it is you want to be able to get something that fits you perfectly.


The best way to start searching is with the internet. Use Google and type in the search box “what’s your best toilets seat risers”. This should give you a ton of results. It’s important that you keep in mind what you want before you start shopping. There are tons of different kinds on the market and you want to make sure that you pick the one that’s perfect for you.


There’s nothing worse than getting a new best toilet for your home only to realize later that it didn’t fit where you wanted it to. It can be extremely frustrating and disappointing not only when you realize that it doesn’t work but also when you waste money on it. Don’t let this happen to you. Just make sure that you’re buying quality products so that they’ll last as long as possible. Most of the time the companies that sell these great products will give free trials so that you can get your hands on the best toilet that you possibly can.

FAQs on Best Toilet Seat Risers?


FAQs on Best Toilet Seat Raising Devices? The first thing that you must keep in mind is that there are many different types of toilet seat raiseers. You can buy one that will raise your toilet seat vertically, horizontally, at an angle, straight up, and even backwards. There are also units that you can mount on the wall. What kind you choose should be dependent on the type of toilet seat that you have.


What’s the main function of the toilet seat? The most important thing is to keep it clean. If you use the seat often, then it is a good idea to get one with easy to clean parts. But if you use it once in a while only for flushing the toilet, then a simple one that does not require much work can do.


How often do you plan to use the toilet seat? The seat needs to be comfortable, but it also needs to be sturdy and reliable. You will be using it quite a bit, so it’s important that it doesn’t break or become damaged quickly. Also make sure that you don’t mind the scratches that may occur from frequent use. Some people might not mind, but some people really do mind.


Will you be using the toilet during the day or only at night? You will need a raising device that can be raised for both situations, but many models only offer one use at a time. If this is the case, then you’ll want a seat that is easy to clean and durable.


Does the toilet seat fit inside or outside the toilet? It has to be mounted properly to ensure that the seal stays intact. This can be one of the most common problems for those who have older toilets that are just starting to wear out. It can be difficult to find one that fits properly, which means that your options will be limited unless you have an older model.


How much does it cost? Raising toilet seats is usually quite expensive. The cost varies greatly depending on the material, size, and design. Find out what you get with each price and what you might have to spend more of. The best thing to do if you have doubts is to talk to someone who has done this before.


How safe is it? Most models come with a safety lock to prevent anyone from having access to the flushing mechanism. Others come with a warning light in case someone does get to the flushing mechanism, but it is very rare that this happens. Check the product pages for information about its durability and safety.


Are there any questions left? Of course! Any questions you have about these products, or any other aspect of toilet placement, are best answered by someone who has done it and can give you expert advice. There are plenty of websites online where you can find more information, so take advantage of them.


Where can you buy one? Be sure to read up on all your choices. There are plenty of online retailers out there, but be sure you shop around first. You can save money on the Internet, but remember that you still have to pay for shipping and handling costs. It never hurts to check out a few different stores.


I already raised my toilet, now what? Good question! Depending on the model you purchase, some just snap right onto the toilet and others need to be installed by a plumber. Your choices will have to be made on which one is the easiest for you to install, and which one is best suited for the floor area you have to cover.


How do they work? Depending on the type of flusher you purchase, it might not be as complicated as you think. Some use a lever, others have an arm, and others simply raise and lower with no levers at all! This makes it easy to answer the questions, “How do they raise easily?”


Do they only come in one color? Yes, they do, but it’s very easy to change them out. Make sure you look at all the options you have before purchasing one to find the toilet seat that will raise and lower easily and efficiently.

Q1. How do you raise the toilet for an elderly person?

1. Best Raised Toilet Seat for Arthritic Seniors. The Yunga Tart increases the height of the toilet seat by nearly five inches and has smooth edges, making it easy to clean and mount. When the seat lid cover and standard seat are lifted into an upright position, it rests directly on the toilet surface.

Q2. What is the best raised toilet seat for hip replacement?

  • Essential Medical Supply Hinged Toilet Seat. Buy On Amazon.
  • Drive Medical Elevated Toilet Seat. Buy On Amazon.
  • Carex Raised Toilet Seat with Arms.
  • Carex Raised Toilet Seat for Elongated Toilets.
  • Vaunn Raised Toilet Seat.
  • AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat

Q3. Does Medicare pay for raised toilet seats?

Raised toilet seats are not covered by Medicare Part B because they are considered a “convenience item” by Medicare and are considered “not strictly medical in nature.” Raised toilet seats, risers, and toilet safety frames are not considered “medically required” by Medicare, so they are not protected.

Q4. Which is better round or elongated toilet?

While most people prefer elongated toilet bowls, a round bowl will save space in a small bathroom. Round toilet bowls can extend up to 28″ from the wall, while elongated toilet bowls can extend up to 31″. Round bowls are less costly than elongated bowls, so they also save money.