Nursing Homes In Stockton Ca

Nursing Homes In Stockton Ca

At Stockton Nursing Center, we are a team of compassionate and highly skilled physicians, nurses, therapists, and caseworkers. We are one of the few nursing homes in Stockton, CA, with a secluded dementia unit and highly effective memory care services.

Medical professionals at a skilled nursing facility

A skilled nursing facility encompasses both clinical as well as non-clinical staff to assists patients in healing and recovery. Most nursing homes have a primary care doctor and specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation to offer comprehensive medical care to patients. Nursing home residents also receive care from nurses that specialize in rehabilitation services and medical support for patients with limitations.

Furthermore, in a skilled nursing facility, you will work closely with physical therapists, speech and occupational therapists, and cognitive therapists to help you improve mobility, speech, cognition, and to help you lead an independent life. Lastly, you will meet with social workers and psychologists regularly to overcome your emotional concerns and to address your social needs.

What does an occupational therapist do for the elderly?

An occupational therapist engages patients in a nursing facility in a series of activities that help them overcome the struggles of everyday life. This therapy involves a particular set of exercises, movements, and other activities that help patients develop balance, flexibility, and stability.

It also engages individuals in a set of memory-enhancing activities to help them improve memory and cognitive abilities. Lastly, it involves several motor co-ordination activities, which help patients lead an independent life and prevents falls in elders.

Phases of cardiac rehab

Cardiac rehabilitation allows patients to recover from a heart attack, heart disease, or heart surgery and follows a structured approach to help them attain optimal fitness. It involves exercise, diet, education, and counseling to help patients improve functional mobility and decrease their risk for another heart disease. Cardiac rehab involves four phases:

  1. The acute phase – This phase starts immediately after your cardiac event, where your physiotherapist will work closely with you in the ICU to examine your physical status, plan your discharge, and to design a cardiac fitness program to improve your overall wellbeing.
  2. The subacute phase – In this phase, patients receive cardiac rehabilitation at an outpatient facility after their discharge. This phase can last for up to 2 months, and your doctor and physiotherapist will monitor your cardiac responses to various exercises and physical activity.
  3. Intensive outpatient therapy – Now, individuals are more self-equipped to practice the exercises independently. Patients are encouraged to monitor their heart rate, symptomatic response to different levels of activity, and rate their perceived exertion (RPE). A physical therapist may work with you to increase your exercise intensity and to monitor any adverse outcomes to various levels of activity.
  4. Independent ongoing conditioning – By this time, patients gain complete knowledge of the exercises, their condition, risk factors, diet regime, and strategies to maintain fitness and optimal heart health.

Get in touch with one of us at Stockton Nursing Center to know about our post-operative care and skilled nursing services. We are one of the few nursing homes in Stockton, CA, to offer modern amenities to our residents at low prices.

Nursing Homes In Stockton Ca

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Nursing Homes In Stockton Ca

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